How To Start And Run Your Own Corporation: S-Corporations For Small Business Owners.

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How to Start And Run Your Own Corporation: S-Corporations For Small Business Owners?

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Thinking Like An Entrepreneur?

Online Guide To Starting A Small Business

State-By-State Small Business Resources

Articles about Entrepreneurship And Small Business by Peter I. Hupalo

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Thinking Like An Entrepreneur

Thinking Like An Entrepreneur
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Chapter 3
Men Are Cheaper Than Guns

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Intellectual Capital And Bootstrapping

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Small Business
Resources & Links

My writing, essays, thoughts, and articles about entrepreneurship and small business

Thinking Like An Entrepreneur Article Index Several articles specific to S corporations.

My book, Becoming An Investor: Building Your Wealth By Investing In Stocks, Bonds, And Mutual Funds

        Chapter 2: Becoming An Investor
The Loserís Game

        Chapter 3: Becoming An Investor
An Introduction To Compounding or How To Get Rich Over Long Time Periods

State-by-State Small Business Resources. Your state and local government is one of the best sources for information about starting a new small business. In particular, see if your state offers a free information packet or booklet for new business owners.

My small business answers to questions on Many focus upon incorporation, S-corps, etc.

Information about Web Site Promotion and Design For Smaller Businesses

Blog Nanny is a blog for new bloggers. Many entrepreneurs find blogging an effective way to reach their market.

A Link Checker for website owners struggling to keep links current.

Self Promotion a great site for those who want to do their own site promotion to search engines.

Wilson Web has great info on web site promotion.

Search Engine Watch the undisputed leader in understanding search engines.

Builder is the resource for web page design. A great intro to html. has an online tool which allows you to search for a topic and it returns the results of many of the most popular search engines. See if your site shows up.

Link Popularity. Enter your URL and it will query three top search engines looking for links to your site.

E-commerce information from

Zdnet E-commerce.

Links to Government and other Non-Profit Resources Small Business Resources

Small Business And The SEC

Small Business and the SEC:
A guide to help you understand how to raise capital and comply with the federal securities laws

Small Business Administration

SCORE provides free business counseling to entrepreneurs in all business stages. Counseling is available face to face or online via email. Visit the SCORE web site for articles penned by industry experts.

Online Women's Business Center has a good introduction to issues of bookkeeping for your business. This is a great site for men as well as women looking for a brief introduction to business.

Computer Consulting

Janet Ruhl's computer consulting site. Salary surveys. Her books are well worth reading for the new computer consultant.

Direct Marketing and Advertising

Direct Mail Association

Direct Marketing News Mainly, information about the financial activities of larger direct mail companies, but you might want to check it out.

University of Texas Advertising Links. They are on some kind of crusade to link to any site remotely related to anything advertising in nature. I don't vouch for the quality of any of the links or the quality of the companies providing services that are linked to.

Influence at Work has some good writing about the study of persuasion and how we get others to do what we want them to do. Be advised, some of the techniques are brutal, such as playing Frank Sinatra music over loudspeakers outside of convenience stores to keep teenagers from hanging around. Very academic, but very worthwhile. And, if you give up the entrepreneurship gig, they have some good advice on how to start your own Cult.

Small Business Tax Help

A great site for Small Business Tax Help And Information (

1040 for more tax information.

Small Business Tax FAQ from Nolo Press. has state corporate and personal tax rates and more.

General Small Business And Entrepreneurship Sites

Inc. Magazine. This is the best place to read about other small businesses and what other entrepreneurs are doing. Even if you don't subscribe to the print magazine be sure to get the annual copy of the Inc. 500 issue. Also very intelligent business discussions on the bulletin boards there.

Quicken's web site has great information on accounting and other small business topics. guide for entrepreneurs. has great sites on nearly any topic you can name, from retirement planning and investment to small business and entrepreneurship. guide for small business. A great site with links to information on everything from accounting to direct mail.

Yahoo Small Business

Business Nation

Business Week (magazine)

Fast Company

Idea Cafe. This site has the most friendly and active bulletin board system I have found for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Drop by and ask a question, or answer one.

Wall Street Journal has an area devoted to starting a small business.

Business Know How

Working Solo

Small Business Information (Nolo Press)

BizMove has information on legal aspects of running a business. has even more business information for you.

Knowledge@Wharton has scholarly articles which entrepreneurs might find useful. Offered by The Wharton Business School at The University of Pennsylvania. Reviews of some other books I recommend to entrepreneurs and investors. A few career and self-help books are also reviewed. A UK-based small business site.

Online Small Business Books

CCH Business Owner's Toolkit   Especially see "Setting Up Your Books" under "Getting started" topics. Almost too much information to read online. Recommended.

Online-Commerce has a good introduction to doing business on the Internet.

TannedFeet Odd name and small type, but good information.

SBA business start up kit online The Small Business Administration Start Up Kit Online. A complete online guide which will help you understand and get started in small business. Information on SBA loan programs and regulations affecting small business. Recommended.

Information about Venture Capital

Venture Capital Association

Red Herring

Miscellaneous Small Business Help

Bell Springs Publishing. Bell Springs is the publisher of Small Time Operator: How To Start Your Own Small Business, Keep Your Books, Pay Your Taxes, And Stay Out Of Trouble! With over 500,000 copies sold, this is one of the most popular and highly-regarded business start-up books available. It provides detailed information about bookkeeping and taxation. Great books about writing a business plan, recordkeeping, and other small business topics from Linda Pinson, who authored much of the Small Business Administration's information about writing a business plan. Spanish versions available. Also, software for writing a business plan.

FTC Franchise Infromation Note: I am not a big fan of buying into franchises. But if you must, be sure to research the franchise carefully. Federal Trade Commission's Site is a good place to start.

Krislyn has many links to other places for entrepreneurs.

Bplans Palo Alto Software has highly-regarded software to help you write your business plan. The SBA says one of the best things you can do to enhance the chancess of start-up success is writing a detailed business plan before you start your business. Bplans also has several example business plans in acrobat format for you to download and study for free.

Links Of Interest To College Students Interested In Business Guide to Business Majors