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State Small Business Resources

General State Small Business Information

Note: These links were created several years ago and many websites have moved, evaporated, or changed their sites. So, alas, many of the links are down today. To find the most up-to-date information about starting a business in a specific state, google the following phrase "starting a business in" and then add your state. Then, look for the websites provided by the state. You can also go to your state's home page and seek a link to information about starting a business in that state. also has a state-by-state guide to small business.


Business Tax and License Information


Alaska Dept. of Economic Development
Licensing Information
Alaska Small Business Development Center
Doing Business In Alaska


Arizona Department of Commerce
Small Business at Dept. Commerce.
Cochise College Small Business Development Center


Arkansas Small Business Development Center
Arkansas Dept. of Economic Development
Arkansas Business News Online


Starting A Business In California
California Board of Equalization


Office of Economic Development
Colorado Business Resource Guide


Dept. of Economic Development
"Starting A Business" Publication


Economic Development
Incorporating In Delaware
Business License Information


Florida Dept. of Business and Professional Regulation
Dept. of Revenue


Business and Economic Development


"Small Business Information"
Hawaii SBDC


Idaho Business
"Starting A Business In Idaho" publication
Idaho SBDC This small business site boasts it's a collaboration of over twenty state and federal agencies to help new business owners get started in small business in Idaho. Under Construction. Looks good.


Dept. of Commerce
Illinois' First Stop Business Information Center


"Business Owner's Guide To State Government"
Indiana online business book index
Indiana (Terre Haute Area) SBDC


The Iowa Business Network
Iowa Business Taxes
A Step-By-Step Guide For New Businesses In Iowa
University of Iowa John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center


Operating A Business In Kansas



Louisana First Stop Shop


Main Small Business Development Centers
Doing Business In Maine



Massachusetts Small Business Information


Michigan Economic Development Corporation
Starting A Business In Michigan Online Book


Minnesota Bizlinks
Starting A Business In Minnesota
Dept. of Trade and Economic Development


Mississippi Small Business Development Centers State Office
ississippi State Tax Commission


Missouri Business Assistance Center has a link to order a small business start-up pack

eWeb has Missouri specific small business information.
Missouri's Business Information Source


Montana Department of Commerce Not that much information, it seemed
Business Montana


Nebraska Department of Economic Development

Articles about small business (mixed in with consumer information)
Guide to starting An S-corporation
Guide to starting An C-corporation


Nevada Taxation
Nevada Home Page (go to "Doing Business In Nevada)

New Hampshire

New Hampshire SBDC Start Up

New Jersey

New Jersey Business Resources

New Mexico

New Mexico Department of Economic Development
Santa Fe Community College SBDC

New York

New York SBDC
Licensing Information
Empire State Development Not that useful, unfortunately

North Carolina

Small Business and Technology Development Center

North Dakota

Discover North Dakota: Business
New Business Registration


Ohio Business
Ohio Business Portal


Oklahoma Office of Business Development
Oklahoma Business Taxes


Oregon Business Information Center


Pennsylvania Open For Business has small business guides online

Rhode Island

RI Business
SBA Advisory Council
Starting A Small Business In Rhode Island (pdf format)
Starting A Business

South Carolina

South Carolina Home Page
Click on "Business."

A General Tax Guide for Starting a Small Business in South Carolina

South Dakota

Business Links
Doing Business In South Dakota


Doing Business In Tennessee
Starting A Business In Tennessee


4 Steps To Starting A Business in Texas


Utah Business
Starting A Business(a good jumping off point to the above site)


Think Vermont (apparently the Department of Economic Development, despite the .com extension). Not associated with this site. We like the name though!


Virginia Dept. of Business Assistance
Virginia's Center for Innovative Technology


"Starting and Licensing Your Business in Washington"
Operating a business in Washington State

West Virginia

West Virginia Secretary of State
Click on "start a new business" and follow "Smart Steps to Starting a Business in West Virginia."


Wisconsin State Home Page
Click on "Business" and then on "Build Your Business."


United States Virgin Islands

Licensing & Consumer Affairs


Doing Business In Guam

Canada has a small business start-up guide for Alberta Canada

CEED The Centre for Entrepreneurship Education and Development (CEED) also has more links.

Online "Info-Guides". French and English versions. (

Small Business Information Canada from

Canadian Business Service Centers

United Kingdom

UKsmallbusiness from

UK Small Business Service "We want to make this into the most useful business website in the UK."
Regional Resources from UK Small Business Service